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Not sure which Ally CRM software product is right for your organization? Or do you need assistance converting databases from Outlook, ACT!, Magic, or other firm legacy CRM system? Do you need help customizing an application? If so, let one of our expert technology partners or resellers help you.

New Partner Opportunities- Meeting Customer Needs Together
The Ally CRM Program offers personalized partner support, program flexibility, industry-leading margins, and revenue generating demand creation processes tailored to enhance your bottom line.

Dealer Opportunities Available
There are nationwide, and now worldwide, opportunities for resellers and integrators of the powerful Ally CRM application software. If you are a computer hardware and/or software installation specialist and wish to add the Ally CRM products to your line of business, please contact us now.

We can quickly provide you with sales opportunities, pricing, margins and guide you to be successful in the business of helping advisors and brokers be more efficient and productive using modern computing technology. We offer great margins, easy installation processes, and can connect you with the increasing demand for talented hardware and/or software specialists for customer relationship management (CRM) in general, and also the finance marketplace in particular.

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Broker's Ally Promotional Offer for your Firm

Re: Promotional offer of Broker's Ally as a Marketing support tool for your company, its brokers, advisors and sales assistants

Below is described the process of using Broker's Ally as a "marketing spiff" or "business building tool" or "professional courtesy gift" or "free giveaway" to help advisors grow their business.

Our company has a Promotional Offers Department that offers the previous version of Broker's Ally (which was current in the immediate prior year, but was superseded by our newest version) as a business building tool for ourselves and for companies like yours where giving out good gifts and prizes engenders good will. Much like AOL who offers free CD's and free hours, we offer full working copies of our older versions as promotional software.

The benefit of this program is that you award and hand out Broker's Ally CD's to all or only select brokers and advisors as a way of assisting them with their business growth. You affirm to them that you have researched the software landscape for a top-flight practice and business management software product, and selected Broker's Ally because it is the best tool for their business and works the way their business works.

You can use this CD award for brokers and independents at your annual meetings, conferences, meeting prizes, or simply mail it out upon receipt. We send you one box of CD's with a special label on each saying it is courtesy of your company as a professional support tool. This way you can cover all of your brokers and spread the costs around.

You may order as many as you want (minimum 100 up to 200 maximum) of Version 7, while we charge you only $25 per CD, which is our cost. They obtain the prior version Standard Level Broker's Ally, a $395 value.

Simply tell us where to ship the CD's, and, provide us with the names, address, phone, email, etc., of the winners for our support database so that we may give them appropriate telephone service for the software. Send a check, in advance, to our corporate address; not done by credit card.

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