Our Clients & Partners

From ADP to Ziegler, Scherrer Resources, Inc. provides financial services solutions to more than 500 of the world's leading investment and financial institutions, including many of today's most influential and innovative organizations. Not surprisingly, our clients have recognized our application software and e-services as a strategic component of their overall business strategy -- and have turned to Scherrer Resources, Inc. to help them deploy high-profile client management offerings. Spanning the complete spectrum of the investment services industry – from retail broker/dealers, advisors, clearing firms, to bank holding companies - our customer-base looks to Scherrer's proven solutions as a means to:

  • Strengthen relationships with their most valued customers;
  • Generate additional revenue opportunities; and
  • Gain competitive advantage in today's fierce and fast-moving investment market.

Our Clients

First Allied/Advanced Equities
Hilliard Lyons Securities
Crowell, Weedon & Co.
GunnAllen Financial, Inc.
JP Morgan Investments
SunTrust Securities, Inc.
JB Hanauer & Company
Waterhouse Securities
Stifel Nicolaus
Investor's Capital Corp.
Chase Manhattan Investments
Tier One Bank
CompuLife Investor Services
Conestoga Capital
M&I Bank
D.A. Davidson & Company
First National Investment Services
Financial Service Corporation (FSC)
Mellon Dreyfus Investment Services
Kirkpatrick Pettis, Smith, Polan, Inc.
First Montauk Securities
Invest Financial Corporation
First Bank, U.S. Bancorp Investments
Nestlerode & Loy Investment Services
Norwest Investment Services, Inc.
Crestar Securities
United Missouri Bank, UMB, N.A.
Jefferson National Bank
Mark Twain Brokerage
Brenton Brokerage
Mechanics Investment Services
National Penn Bank
First of America Bank
BancOne Capital Corporation
Hibernia Bank
Interactive Data Corporation- IDC
Corporate Securities Group
U.S. Bancorp Investments
Union Planters Bank
Chatfield Dean
Commercial Federal
B.C. Ziegler

Our Partners

Beta Systems, Inc./Thomson Financial
CheckFree Investment Services
Fiserv Securities, Inc.
Pershing, LLC of Bank of New York
U.S. Clearing Corporation
First Clearing, Wachovia
ADP Brokerage Information Systems
Financial Times- Interactive Data (FT-ID)
Caesar System, Financial Database Solutions
IBM, Computers Systems Division
Tektronix Printer Division, Xerox
Herrera's CSSI Advent Axys Report Integration
Major Technology Resources, Inc.
Financial Investment Network, FIN

Overview: Above installations include firmwide roll-outs to national and regional offices for adivors/brokers, sales assistants and managers. This includes portfolio loading from backoffice servers.

Additional references available for different topologies. Installations of branch and single units on over 30,000 desktops. According to Registered Representative Magazine, Broker's Ally is the most popular software application for retail brokerage worldwide.